S&J Hardware is a Canadian based company that manufactures top quality and unique firearms accessories.
Our products are designed and tested by our mechanical engineer and field tested by staff members as well as our select testing group of active Mil/LEO officers, competition shooters and hunters. Our products are 100% guaranteed for life, as many of our customers lives depend on our products.

S&J hardware also retails other high quality firearms products; as well we are the exclusive Canadian distributor of ST Leathercaraft, King Armoury and Elite tactical advantage. S&J hardware has been in business since 2005 but has over 20 years in manufacturing design experience.

Our products are being used all over the world and are available via our networks of dealers in Canada, the US, Europe and worldwide.

Please feel free to contact us and we can connect you with a local dealer.

Email us at: sales@sjhardware.com