We are often asked if our made in North America body armour lines are NIJ certified. They are not. They DO however meet and by far exceed the NIJ standard set forth by that organization. S&J Hardware believes that soft and hard armour should be freely available to citizens, and that it should be an affordable item. In a world …

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S&J IIIA 9MM Test Shoot

Testing our IIIA soft armour with anti-stab. Part One – 9MM FMJ 115Grain at 1150 FPS, point blank. Stay tuned for the tomahawk test!

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Grey Ghost Reveal at WGT SIg Demo Day!

Get your hands on the Grey Ghost Universal Shotgun before its release date! We have 1000 rounds dedicated to this public demo at the WGT SIG Demo day, this coming Saturday. Our rounds are free, you just have to pay te $25 admission fee, which also gets you 5 MAGS OF YOUR CHOICE for SIG demos! Come out and GET …

Our Shotgun Legacy

While the term “shotgun” obviously refers to a gun that shoots shot, the term first came about in Kentucky on 1776 to differentiate the smooth bored rifles of the day from the new rifled barrel guns being made. Since that time what we now call a shotgun has evolved several times, getting two side by side barrels in 1875, then …