Our Shotgun Legacy

While the term “shotgun” obviously refers to a gun that shoots shot, the term first came about in Kentucky on 1776 to differentiate the smooth bored rifles of the day from the new rifled barrel guns being made.

Since that time what we now call a shotgun has evolved several times, getting two side by side barrels in 1875, then a lever, pump and auto loading versions, all brought to reality by JM Browning. Brownings design is brilliant in that its hasn’t changed much beyond materials and machining techniques since he designed it.

We recognize that genius every time we work our magic on one of our custom shotguns, or tool up to create another custom shotgun option to offer our customers. The basic design is perfect.

We don’t want to change perfection, but simply add to it in our own way, and in a fashion that reflects what people need from their shotguns in our modern age.

Flashlight mounts, custom coatings, polishing and modified magazines only build on the existing platform, never taking away from it.

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