10X12 AR500 L4 – HEAVY – PRE ORDER

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This is a pre order with discount. Shipping starts April 6th – 2020

We have unfinished plates are waiting for a production slot to have the anti-spall applied.

Items will ship Canada Post or pick up BY APPOINTMENT ONLY can be arranged

1 set of 2 plates 10×12 shooter cut curved with heavy anti spall

These plates are 100% Canadian made AR500 plate, heat treated & formed, HTSR, and coated with HEAVY anti-spall treatment. 10X12 AR500 LVL IV rated. Set of 2 plates.


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This base AR500 plate is a custom blend to our specification to get the correct heat treatment and temper. The plate will stop up to 7.62 NATO 150 grain ball, 7.62×39 and 5.56 NATO and are multi-strike rated. Anti-spall coatings reduce or eliminate fragmentation of the round and the plate from radiating out from the strike and into your neck, face and arms. This spall can be very damaging and life threatening. Plates without anti-spall will not keep you in the fight.