Air Wedge


Heavy-duty matte (non-glare) black air wedge.

Useful for creating and expanding gaps when attempting entries in residential, commercial and automotive capacities.

Dimensions are: 6″ (15cm) wide / 6.25″ (16cm) long / expands to approximately 3″ (7.5 cm). Hose is 10.5″ (25cm) and pump is 3″ (7.5cm). Weighs 76 grams. (See pic)

Why would you want to put a wedge between a door and frame and fill it with air?

  • Our inflatable wedge won’t damage, scuff or leave marks on your surfaces
  • Creates a gap in door frames to access latches or locking mechanisms. Also to lift doors to aid in use of Under Door Tools.
  • On house doors – you can get to the mechanism directly, and open it.
  • On house doors – you can raise the door to a specific level to fit it alone.
  • On a car door, you gain room to insert reaching grabber tools
  • On a car door – it allows for the unlocking of doors from the outside.
  • On a window or patio door, you can prise apart a broken or faulty mechanism

Even has a corner hole for clipping to a carabiner.

When paired with one of our Traveller’s Hooks (Short -or- Long), this becomes a powerful tool in your entry toolkit.

Very useful in a variety of situations.

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Additional information

Weight.150 kg
Dimensions8 × 8 × 8 cm