Ballistic Kevlar Coiled Pistol Lanyard for pistols


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Coiled Kevlar Pistol Lanyards
An extending coiled lanyard made from cut resistant braided Kevlar with unparalleled  breaking strain of 120kg covered with UV stable plastic (overall breaking strain 80kgs) Use it to secure firearms, keys or other valuable items. Extends to approx. 110cm. Coiled size approx. 35cm, closed loop one end, complete with one of the above fittings on the other end.
These lanyards also enable you to walk through metal detectors at work without setting them off.
These lanyards are also ideal for carrying bunches of keys etc and are ideal for security officers and prison wardens. If you are looking for a non metallic solution in order to pass through metal detectors at work for instance, the carabiner and spring hook lanyards are being used in a number of establishments such as UK prisons Nato forces and the  IDF