BlueLine Bundle

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This pouch is specifically designed for Law Enforcement and Security Personnel. It features an exterior pocket for tourniquet application as well as naloxone pouch (note: naloxone not included). This BlueLine Bundle features the following individualized sku/item lines;

CTOMS BlueLine Pouch-Reg.$48.99

C.A.T Gen7 Black-Reg.$37.99

Olaes 4″ Flat Modular Bandage-Reg.$13.99

NAR S-Rolled Gauze-Reg.$6.49

CTOMS 100% Nitrile Gloves Sz.Large-$1.99

Regular Price $109.45

BlueLine Bundle Price $89.99




Olaes Modular Bandage 4" flat

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Combat Application Tourniquet (C-A-T®)

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NAR S-Rolled Gauze 4.5" 4.1 YD

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CTOMS™ Gloves made of 100% Nitrile material LARGE (1 pair)

CTOMS™ Gloves made of 100% Nitrile material LARGE (1 pair)

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CTOMS BlueLine Med Pouch

The new CTOMS “Blue Line” pouch is purpose-designed for Law Enforcement, Security, and First Responder use. The pouch carries common equipment for pre-ambulatory care on-scene

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Note: This is not a loaded IFAK/First Aid Kit. By purchasing this you recognize and acknowledge you a purchasing multiple items discounted based on volume.