CPR FDE 6.5 Creedmoor Sweepstakes 4.o



When you purchase a S&J Hardware Sticker for $20.00 plus applicable taxes, you receive a free entry for every purchase into our CPR FDE 6.5 Creedmoor 4.0 (note; purchase amount is for sticker, no monetary value linked to free entry)

162 Stickers available for purchase.

Winner of this sticker draw will receive the following package Valued at $3225

Compact Precision Rifle – CPR


  • Savage 110TR action
  • 6.5 Creedmore
  • Factory Accutriger
  • Action lapped and polished.
  • Factory Oversized Bolt Knob.
  • IBI 416 5R hand lapped bbl. 12.9 inch
  • Matching 3 port break
  • MDT LSS aluminum chassis
  • Magpul SL mil spec butt stock
  • SJ carbine buffer tube
  • MDT 10rd Matching magazine
  • Full disassembled Cerakote
  • 1pc M913 scope base
  • Guaranteed sub MOA
  • Each gun will be test fired before shipping
  • Hard Rifle Case
  • Bushnell AR optics 1x4X24mm Illuminated Rifle Scope
  • 30MM MDT Medium Aluminum HD Scope Rings
  • Magpul QD Sling Stud Bipod
  • Shipping Included

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Proof of PAL required when package ships. Shipping is included to winner of this sweepstakes.