CTOMS Magill Forceps


The CTOMS Magil Forceps can be used to grasp foreign bodies from within the airway/pharynx. The oblique angle design will not impede view of the airway when in use. The rounded ends are designed to easily grasp at foreign bodies.

  • Twin-bladed tong-like forceps
  • Handles for gripping by the user
  • Rounded ends for grasping
  • Oblique angle between handles and blades to enable prevent impeding of the view of the airway during use
  • Reusable or disposable (usually stainless steel)

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  • aid passage of an endotracheal tube into the larynx (e.g. nasal intubation)
  • Aid gastric tube passage into the esophagus
  • Remove foreign bodies from the airway/ pharynx
  • place pharyngeal packs (e.g. bleeding)


  • Used to grasp objects under direct vision
  • Best used with a laryngoscope to produce an optimal view of the larynx and displace soft tissues forward to create space for manipulation