Fast Strap Armour System – By SJ Hardware

Budgets are shrinking, and agencies are being asked to do more with less. That doesn’t mean you can compromise on your armor needs.

The Fast Strap System from S&J Hardware allows the end user to reconfigure the plate suspension any way they like, around gear of other combat systems, or even just around hard armour. The System is built on the incredibly popular Multi-Layer Kevlar/Dyneema plate systems we have been makingfor years, but with genuine Velcro loop strategically placed to allow the strapping sysytem to be 100% customizable to the wearer.

Wide shoulders from years at the gym? Angle the upper laser cut laminated straps to accommodate the traps. Need to add a spare mag? Slap a hook backed mag pouch of your choice. Order a set of our Defender cumberbund straps for exta storage for things like mags and TQ’s.

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  • Multi Layer Soft Armor
  • Made of a blend of Kevlar, UHMW PE and Dymeema and rated to NIJ-06 Level IIIA
  • Rated to stop up to 220 grain .44 Magnum JHP.
  • We have tested this product ( yes us, at the range) with 147 grain 9mm JHP and 230 grain 45 ACP JHP from 3 meters, multiple-hits at 0 deg and 90 deg.
  • These can be used to upgrade your LIII hard plate to LIV or as a standalone LIIIA handgun plate.