FastBreathe Thoracic Seal (FTS)


“The FTS Chest Seal has proven to stop Tension Pneumothorax”

The FASTBreathe Thoracic Seal, is one of the most advanced thoracic seals on the market today, and boasts numerous improvements over other currently available chest seals.

FastBreathe Thoracic Seal (FTS) is intended for use in emergency situations to treat penetrating thoracic (chest) wounds that could comprise the pleural space of the thoracic cavity. The FTS seal uses proprietary hydrogel to form an aggressive bond to skin around the wound, allowing air to escape the pleural cavity and help prevent Tension Pneumothorax. A penetrating chest injury could lead to a “potentially life threatening condition” known as “Tension Pneumothorax” (collapsed lung) if left untreated. The FTS Chest Seal has proven to stop Tension Pneumothorax.

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