Glock Paper Scissors 4.0 Sweepstakes


When you purchase a S&J Hardware Sticker for $20.00 plus applicable taxes, you receive a free entry for every purchase into our Sweepstakes Glock Paper Scissor 4.0 Sweepstakes .

(note; purchase amount is for sticker, no monetary value linked to free entry)

Please indicate in the order notes if you intend to pick-up the sticker locally or if not applicable donate to another individual

$2750 value to one lucky WINNER

Winner will receive;

G17 Gen 5



2 X Factory G17 Magazine

Additional G44 Magazine

Arrowhead and BRCC Coffee (2 Bags)

Vault Pistol Case

Shipping included to winning recipient


Out of stock


License validation required for winning recipient. Shipping is included.