Glock Paper Scissors 9.0 Sweepstakes


When you purchase a S&J Hardware Virtual and Downloadable Sticker for $20.00 plus applicable taxes, you receive a free entry for every purchase into our Sweepstakes Glock Paper Scissor 9.0 Sweepstakes .

(note; purchase amount is for sticker, no monetary value linked to free entry)

$3400.00 value to one lucky WINNER

170 sticker available

Winner will receive;

Glock 17 gen5 + 5 Magpul Pmag17

Glock 19 Gen4 MOS + 5 Magpul Pmag15

Glock 48 + 5 Factory Magazines

3 X Ctoms Bleeding Control Kit 1.0 w. Sof-t

Real Avid Handgun Cleaning Kit

Challenger Target pack

Shipping included to winning recipient


Out of stock


License validation required for winning recipient. Shipping is included. Canadian Sales Only