Grey Ghost Universal Shotgun


The Grey Ghost Universal Shotgun is the culmination of 25 years of shotgunning experience, combined with a lifelong career in engineering. Each component has been rigorously tested and curated for this specific project. But its not just a collection of parts. Hours of meticulous hand lapping and polishing go into every single Grey Ghost.
Our motto is Combat Competition Defence, and the Grey Ghost was designed and built to live up to that philosophy.

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The Grey Ghost has all the trimmings that you need to take it on as a working shotgun. TiN internals or DLC make for easy cleaning and long lasting componentry that will stand the test of time. The entire shotgun is Cerakoted in our own custom mixture to protect it from the elements, and regular daily use.

Iron sights are a combination of the XS Sights Big Dot, hand fitted to the front post, and the Aridus CROM Ghost ring sight, drilled and tapped to ensure a lifetime of reliable accuracy. The CROM is also the base for the Aimpoint micro RDS (not included) so you an run the Grey Ghost with a familiar sighting system like your other long arms.

The S&J hardware Jumbo/Winter 870 safety is included so you can easily find and activate the safety in those high stress situations.
The Grey Ghost features an enlarged and hand polished magazine port. It make loading the firearm more predictable and reduces friction. It allows the rounds to be fed in numerous different ways to match your own competition/tactical loading style.
You can feed the Grey Ghost from the included Aridus Industries QDC Shot Shell holder. This state of the art detachable shell holder has a positive locking system and metal tension springs that give it a solid connection to the shotgun, but doesn’t interfere with its removal under stress. A large metal release paddle makes it easy to swap holders (one included) so you can easily customize you loadout for competitions, hunting or tactical work.

The Grey Ghost features a removable choke system like a traditional hunting shotgun. The included cylinder choke is CNC milled stainless steel, and the barrel is milled to take standard choke sets, expanding the functionality of the Grey Ghost even further.
Furniture is the high performance Magpul 870 stock and forend,
The Grey Ghost also comes stock with the Gear Dynamics Canada S&J Special Edition Quick Adjust Sling. The Quick Adjust Sling is a 2-point sling system, designed to give you everything you need out of a fighting sling. Durable, fast and light, this sling is an excellent pairing with the Grey Ghost.
In addition, the Grey Ghost includes all the other S&J Hardware oldies and goldies like:

S&J PowerFeed No Jam follower
S&J Million Cycle Spring
extended magazine tube (for 6+1 capacity)
Our signature bolt cuts for weight reduction and debris mitigation
PlusPower firing pin spring and firing pin upgrade

But wait…there’s MORE:
The Grey Ghost is not a mass produced shotgun. In anywhere that automation was required or made more sense from a quality perspective, modern techniques were embraced. But there is a certain nuance to creating the perfect shotgun, and sometimes that requires a hands on approach.
Many major components require extra finishing of the factory finish to take the shotgun to the next level.

Bead blasting of entire 870
Complete strip of frame and barrel
Polish of all surface contact areas including inside and outside of mag tube and frame
The bolt, cam and carrier are all deburred and hand polished
The chamber and bore get a three stage hand polish to a near mirror finish
Hand polish action bars

The Grey Ghost Universal Shotgun from S&J Hardware is the most affordable shotgun on the market today to offer this level of quality, performance and versatility.