Heckler & Koch G36E – 5.56 NATO (USED)


Avert thine eyes, commoner! Only those whom’st hath been deemed financially competent may gaze upon the G36.

Should’ve invested in Bitcoin in 2008 like your one friend who “watched the markets” told you to. Maybe if you’d have saved 20 bucks here and there every paycheque like you told yourself you were going to, you’d have enough money to buy that cool thing you wanted. If only you planned better. It’s your fault that you can’t have this. No, we will not wait for you to sell your rusted out ’92 Chevy plow truck to get some money together for a down payment. This is a high-class establishment. We accept payment in cash, credit, EMT, debit, gold bouillon, caviar, *Bitcoin, cuban cigars, Rembrandts, good old fashioned hard labour and GME stocks.


Comes with one 5/30 PMAG, one factory G36 mag as well as both the Spuhr magwell and the original magwell.

This is a Tactical Imports  gun with Germany lothar walther barrel

Gun is in 95% condition

Out of stock


*Author’s note: We do not actually accept Bitcoin as a method of payment.