Lady Voodoo Pink 42″ Padded Weapons Case


Lady Voodoo Pink 42″ Padded Weapons Case

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New Enhanced Model Holds Two Carbines and Two Pistols Whether you are carrying your rifle to the range or need to pack it in the field, this Voodoo Tactical brand padded weapons case is a terrific way to carry two long guns, two pistols and a great deal of related gear. The 42-inch (40.5-inches inside) padded case from Voodoo Tactical safely holds just about any compact rifle or carbine. eBay rules prevent us from listing the names of certain rifles, but if you have any questions, please e-mail us at the address below. Inside are adjustable tie downs so that you can be sure your optics are not going to get knocked about. The attention to detail and heavy thick foam on all six sides is a welcome change from the standard nylon case. It even features additional padding to protect your muzzle and the zippers are tough enough to meet the demanding conditions required by the military and law enforcement. Behind the pouches, there’s a second compartment with two padded pouches built in. Each is designed to hold a pistol, but you could also use these for optics or other accessories. This case comes with the three external pouches you see here, giving you plenty of storage space for magazines, boxes of ammo, cleaning kits, your log book and other accessories. The three exterior pouches have gussets, making them hold far more than you would think. The two outside pouches can hold five or six magazines and the center pouch is even larger. This gun case features three carrying methods: A standard handle in center of the bag and a shoulder strap. This backpack style carry is great for long distances. And if you use the PAL webbing to attach MOLLE or ALICE pouches, you can haul even more gear.

Trusted by tactical experts, the Voodoo Tactical Lockable 42″ MOLLE Soft Rifle Case is a convenient way to safely and securely transport your arsenal in the field. The Voodoo Tactical Lockable 42″ MOLLE Soft Rifle Case fits rifles up to 40.5-inches. It also features additional compartments to fit two pistols and six 30 round rifle mags and eight pistol mags

Its interior dimensions of 41″ x 11″ offer half an inch of wiggle room while tie down straps enable you to carry smaller weapons if necessary.