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True North Tradecraft is thrilled to offer this entirely new design for our pick kits. It contains six pick tools… but now with double-sided turning tools. Using higher strength steel and updated die patterns, we now offer a short hook, a deep reach curve, an offset diamond (DeForrest) pick, a standard half-diamond, a hollow half-diamond, and a multi-hump wave jiggler (a.k.a. Faux-Gota) pick.  We are pleased to have a fantastic supplier providing us with top-quality gear to share with you.

All of these picks have undergone extensive tumbling and polishing for a finish that is sure to feel great in your hands… and in your locks!

Paired with these new pick tools are our new double-sided turning tools. Fabricated from three different metal stocks in a wide range of thicknesses, the double-sided tools now offer the same versatility of what used to be six turning tools. There will almost never be a lock that won’t fit one of these almost perfectly!

These picks are all made in the United States.

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