NuMask IOM w/valve


The NuMask® IOM – “The Best Fit In Mask Ventilation”

The NuMask® Ultra-Portable CPR Kit provides you with the option of having / building your very own customized CPR Kit, specific to your needs and configurations.


NuMask’s® patented IntralOral Mask (IOM) was designed to overcome the inherent limitations of traditional face masks, namely poor seals comprised by facial hair, lack of dentition, facial trauma and obesity. Their mask is designed to work intraorally; behind the lips and in front of the teeth, much like a snorkel for a leak-free fit every time.

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  • Leak Free
  • 1/10th the size
  • Relieves patient anxiety
  • Durable with no inflatable cushion
  • Protects facial structures;
  • 18 cc dead space
  • Ventilate from any position
  • Single provider
  • Comfortable grip
  • One size seals all
  • Extended shelf life
  • Easy grip for small hands
  • Unaffected by temperature / altitude extremes
  • Training in minutes