Cerakote any Remington 870 – Includes Frame, Bolt, action bars, trigger guard and one barrel of any length!

Guns sent in over  june sale will be refinished and sent out withing 4 weeks of delivery date. We will be batching these jobs to save you money.

Also includes:

  • Disassembly and Reassembly
  • Hand polish and buff chamber
  • New S&J PowerFeed follower
  • New S&J 1M spring
  • Jumbo Safety
  • Stocks NOT included in Cerakote



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Firearms MUST be unloaded. No trigger lock required.

Do not take apart your firearms. We will disassemble the firearm apart in our workshop at not extra cost.

Firearms must shipped properly packed, padded and in solid boxes that fit the firearm reasonably well.

We are not responsible for damage incurred during shipping firearms to us. INSURE YOUR SHIPMENT WITH YOUR CARRIER!