STOP THE BLEED -Feb-15-2020


Course runs 9AM to about noon and covers wound packing, TQ use setup and use and dealing with gunshot and severe trauma.

Included in the course price is a 10% discount on any medical products paid for at the course.

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Created to save lives

Stop the Bleed® was initiated by the American College of Surgeons in 2015 in response to the active shooter disaster at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Their goal was to create an initiative that will improve survival of mass casualty events.

Trauma Services BC believe this is a provincial responsibility to ensure that first responders and the public have the education that they need to do their part.  The goal is train the public, who then in turn train others.

You can save a life!

The Society of Professionals in Emergency Care (SoPEC) founder Landon James states “unfortunately there are many ongoing events in B.C. that can cause injuries with massive bleeding, some of these include road vehicle accidents, recreational events or sport-related injuries”.   Many of these events can and will happen in remote locations where help is hard to find. For anyone who maybe a bystander or first on the scene , having the skills to manage massive bleeding could save a life.