Type 5 12ga No jam follower


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Now the first thing you are thinking is , Really…. another follower..
Well yes
While many of our 12ga followers are universal there is alot of R&D and T&E goes info each design to either solve known issues or just simply make a higher quality product.
What we have here with the type 5 is a longer cup type follower but with larger cone at the front that allows the follower to poke out onto loading port. Which is required in some shotgun designs.
Also the type 5 is around 0.0009 wider then most followers
We have designed this follower to work with the Savage Steven’s 320
But we have also tested it on the following guns and it works much better then out other followers.
Testing on other shotguns that follow this pattern is on going and we will post information as we have it

Savage Steven’s 320
Winchester 1200/1300/2200 12ga.
Winchester scp 12ga