Winner’s Choice Sweepstakes-Tikka & Mossberg


When you purchase a S&J Hardware Sticker for $20.00 plus applicable taxes, you receive a free entry for every purchase into our Winner’s Choice-Tikka & Mossberg. (note; purchase amount is for sticker, no monetary value linked to free entry)

Please indicate in the order notes if you intend to pick-up the sticker locally or if not applicable donate to another individual

$2000.00 VALUE!!!!

110 Stickers available, Winner will receive the choice of one of the following two packages;

Tikka T3X Lite 6.5 Creedmoor


Mossberg 930 3 Barrel Combo 12 Ga

Shipping charges additional to winning recipients.

61 in stock


Winner of this sweepstakes must provide proof of licensing upon taking possession/shipment.